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2005; Much Happiness

Happy New Year!

With the start of a new year, I am propose to myself many question. Questions that I am sure many of us think about at this time of year. For example, “what did last year mean in the spectrum of my life?” and “how does the coming year play into my life?”. Answer to this those questions never really formulate. By asking those questions, I gain some insight into the direction of my life. I sometimes feel life is a ski hill---everyone is going in the same direction, but we all have different paths. So, the decisions one makes will change your path and designation at the bottom of the hill, it still is at the body of the hill.

Practical that derive from global thinking, I feel, are the things that can change the global things. Like I have said before reflecting daily on my life events has serious impact on my day-to-day interaction with life. A few days ago as I was thinking of those so commonly asked New Year questions, I had an idea of how to expand my reflections while mapping my course in life.

My idea is to do a top 5 things for the day. Those top 5 can be anything: people, places, things, events, interactions, thoughts, words, etc.

1.) Laughter: Hearing people laugh is one of the best sounds. It fills my heart with so much happiness.
2. ) Aiden: Today I was playing with him and it was so amazing. Seeing how so many, of what most people call simple things, amused him. He took little for granted. He explored the world (James’ parent’s living room) with vigor and an open mind. An inspiration. Plus, being with him made me feel, in a way, connected to life more. He represents the start of life. His life will hold many wonderful, painful, sad, happy moments---and he is just starting so many paths yet to be taken.
3.) Family: It is interesting to see how different family interact with each other. It is also interesting to see how people define family. James’ family interact very different from how my family does, but by a link of two people who consider each other family we are all family. I guess there is truth to that saying, “we are all related”.
4.) Driving: As I was driving on my way to Topeka, I realized I have greatly improved on my driving skills, which has made me dislike driving slightly less.
5.) New Years: It happens each year, like clock work. :) Still, there is hope in people. Indeed a fresh feeling.
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