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Live Accoding to Scott

10 Random Things About Me
10) I call myself a functional optimist
9) I keep a monthly budget
8) I have an above average credit score
7) I work for a suicide intervention /general counseling center
6) My favorite artist is Madonna
5) Currently I am seeking a Master Degree
4) Ever once in awhile I crave a McDonalds Hamburger
3) My mom has been my wall, pillar, my ladder, my constant
2) I enjoy helping others help themselves
1) “Scottie will tarve” if you don’t feed him. :)

9 Ways to Win my Heart
9) Be accepting
8) Be understanding
7) Hear me…listening is not enough
6) Be radical with who you are
5) Do not fear loving yourself
4) Enjoy laughing
3) Be able to show me who you are
2) Be kind, sensitive
1) Think with me

8 Things I Want [to Do] Before I Die
*there is nothing I WANT before I die, but here is what I would like to have or accomplish.
8) Have my Masters degree
7) To be finically stable
6) To own a home
5) Love without restraint
4) Be able to be more confident in the decision I make
3) Be more calm
2) Publish a children story
1) Run for an office

7 Things I Believe ...
7) People
6) Connectedness
5) Respect
4) The Spirit
3) The Body
2) The Mind
1) The Heart

6 Things That Get Me Mad
*I try and avoid getting mad, but things that frustrate me to the point I could get upset:
6) Ignorance
5) Anger
4) Prejudice
3) Closed mindedness
2) Self-loathing
1) Hate

5 Things I'm Afraid Of
1) Fear *can’t think of anything else.

4 Of my Favorite Things In My Room
4) My teddy bear “Scoter”
3) A picture of Lisa and Chris
2) Golden Girls DVD
1) James

3 Things I Do Every Day
3) Breathe
2) Eat
1) Love

2 Things I Need to Do Right Now
2) Spend time with James
1) Pay more attention to Erin (she is on the phone)

1 Person I want to see right Now
1) My dad
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