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Part of the Definition

The experiencing I have been having at work has lead me to a question that I feel I should of have thought of before. What kind of supervisor do I want to be? I am their first contact person. I have to provide my best know how to my position. But, what does that consist of. To me, that really means I really have to define who I am as a supervisor, regardless of the “correctness” of my actions. I believe employees, colleges, and others will define you with or without you being an active part of the definition creation. Just by ask myself what kind of supervisor I want to be; I have noticed how dramatically my supervision skills have changed. I am more aware, more empathetic, more giving, more supportive, more gracious, more like the supervisor I would like my volunteers to see that I am. I feel most of the time it is the questions in life that is more meaningful than the answers. Only when your knowledgeable, open, and ready do you ask the questions that will lead you to answers that you seek.

Until I had the conflict I had with the volunteer I never examined my role as a supervisor. I well understood I was a supervisor; just never questioned how I must do things differently than I have been doing them in the past. Besides supervision, I never really paid attention to the power relationship I have with my volunteers. My thought is that I am going to treat my volunteers like I treat anyone: with respect and care. A part of that picture I did not examine close enough is the view volunteers have about that power relationship. Some see my role as being different power. Others see me as simple another human being. In terms of power I believe, I am fine doing what I have been doing, because it is what I would want my supervisor to do. However, by thinking about the volunteers perspective on our relationship allowed me to gain insight into a great part of how the volunteers must feel. I feel that with that knowledge, I will be a more sensitive and efficient volunteer manager.

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