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Give More

Recently, I have felt like I have been able to give so much more of myself to everything I do. From simple conversations to complex tasks at work, I give more of who I am. In return I receive so much more back from people and the things I do. My feeling of why this change is because of my reinvestment in myself. Simply taking sometime and focusing on how I am doing spiritually each day helps me process my life. After processing it, I can actually live my life fuller. Without processing, dealing, healing from life events, I feel I can get stuck on those events. If I get stuck at those events, those events take all my energy; thus, I don’t have energy to deal with the present. And without living in the present, you miss out on your life. A simple boundary of saying to myself that I am going to take a few moments each day and take care of my spirit seemed to have done wonders.

Peace be with,
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