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Watching Things Unfold

Tomorrow at work is an “All Staff Meeting”. It is to discuss the happenings at VNA/Hospice. It has been enlightening to work for a non-profit agency that is struggling finically. I am presented by juxtaposing the vital service that we provide to so many people in the Douglas County area free of charge sometimes with the reality that even non-profits have to make a profit. Non-profits for me, a lot of times, present a side deeper than just human service, but presents a side of humanity that is really driven by more than just money. Now that that side is being countered with a very realistic side of humanity, money, it presents an interesting battle. A battle that I am learning a lot from, in many ways.

One of the most interesting things to watch unfold is seeing people’s reaction to the state VNA/Hospice is currently in. Some people are putting all their efforts into trying to happily shine throw everything. Some others have given-in and resigned. Yet, others are just taking it very hard and reacting very harsh and cold towards fellow employees. I have, like I always have, remained neutral, yet remaining positive and encouraging. I view my role at Hospice, as the volunteer coordinator, as one of being unique to the agency. One of my main purposes is to be supportive, and I feel I can also do that for the staff. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have my own concerns. However, I have support from James and mom. So, I can be supportive to my fellow colleges.

Another interesting aspect to all that is happening is seeing the business side of everything. Seeing how agencies survey and struggle. It is really interesting, not that it isn’t very sad when people are being fired and salaries being cut---still you all about companies hardships, now it is interesting to see first hand what that means. I know that I will be more alert to all this things when I seek employment in the future. I will know how to ask questions about goals, future plans, and longevity.

The meeting tomorrow will continue that process of learning.

Be warm,
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